Athleisure - Love It or Leave It?

I'll admit it, I hated the idea of athletic wear merging with lesiure wear when it first came out. But it is more popular than ever, and it's not going away anytime soon.

I get it - I'm all for comfort too - the first thing I do when I get home is tear off my relatively comfy jeans and put on my stretchy pants.  I used to think that workout clothes should only be worn for working out. Since I work from my home studio, and I exercise frequently, I realized I sometimes do wear my workout clothes on those days when I don't have meetings or events and am just in the studio.  Though this is partially due to laziness, and also getting engrossed in work before taking a shower, but I digress...

Brands like Athleta and Lululemon are great at branding the athleisure lifestyle - like the outfit below - sporty and stylish in her yoga pants...

athleisure lululemon workout clothes womenswear

I'm personally a fan of Athleta workout gear and I'm finally accepting that it is acceptable to keep on your workout clothes beyond the gym and am even close to embracing it. (But no baggy sweats outside of the house though....)

Stretchy fabrics are more popular than ever, and I use a lot of stretchy knits in the clothes I design - and even realized some of my pieces could be categorized as athleisure, like this tee dress. Could there even be an athleisure inspired collection coming soon??

tee shirt dress womens clothing athleisure

So I guess I have turned the corner on pooh pooh-ing the more and more casual nature of our clothes - especially here in California. You need to be comfortable, because when you feel good, you look good - and athleisure for the weekend, running errands and brunch is completely appropriate . But, please do change out of your leggings for cocktail hour - that's all I ask :)  Your thoughts on athleisure - love it or leave it? Let me know in the comments below!


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