About Us

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Thank you for visiting my website and wanting to learn more about Harumi K, and about me, Sherry. To start off - here are 3 things you should know:

  1. I am crazy for cats! I was a late bloomer to loving cats- my mother never cared for them, so I didn't get to know kitties until I was an adult. My husband and I have 2 cats, Spartacus and Kiki, and you will occasionally see them on my Instagram feed.
  2. I love to bake. It is like therapy, and I'm always on the hunt for new and unusual recipes. I even entered a pie competition a several years ago!
    We had wedding pies instead of cake at our wedding reception, and I baked half of them - the other half were ordered from Lois the Pie Queen, a fabulous neighborhood diner in Oakland.
  3. I think spreadsheets are GREAT. Most of my day jobs have involved accounting in some shape or form, requiring regular spreadsheet use, and I learned to love them. I don't know the real fancy stuff like pivot tables, but with all of project management in producing garments, spreadsheets are a lifesaver for organizing.

The seeds of Harumi K were planted when I couldn't find fashion I liked for myself - designs that stand out yet meld seamlessly into my closet, and are comfortable and low maintenance. A few years ago, I went back to school to learn patternmaking and design, and loved it from day one. I particularly like that fashion design and patternmaking provide a framework in which to be creative.

I design pieces that transition easily from work to play with textural details and modern lines. My goal is to make women feel confident and stand out from the crowd with flattering and comfortable pieces, and I personally test drive each style before producing it.

Harumi K is designed in Seattle and manufactured in the USA. I believe in supporting domestic manufacturing to minimize our carbon footprint. I also often use fabric leftover from mills and mass production. I hope that Harumi K will help you with a boost of confidence to take on your day with your best self!


The chevron blouse rocks! It's got such a simple look, but manages to show off all the right curves and hide all the wrong ones at the same time. It's also got a bit of stretch so it's really comfortable. A great top for when you want to look a little classy but still feel comfortable. I'm looking forward to trying out the other styles! - Julia P.

I am thrilled to have discovered Harumi K and to be able to support a local designer with such talent. Of the many cute Harumi K tops I own, the Katy top is truly amazing. The knit is comfortable and easy to care for, and although it feels like a sweatshirt, it looks dressed up and classic. A true wardrobe favorite! - Sarah T.

So the real story is, I went to buy a gorgeous pencil skirt from Harumi K, I had spied it a long time ago, but when I put it on I just didn’t feel like me, turns out I am more tomboy than girly-girl, and the pencil skirt made me feel too feminine. But you should go try it, because the shape, the colors, ohhh, blue, green, and even a basic black, they are beautifully cut and support curves too! You will find some at Urban Stitch Boutique.

Then I saw this little piece of fabric, could I? Really? A mini-skirt? It is so comfortable and kind on my body, that we are having a not so secret love affair, this skirt and I have been out a million-gazzilion times and we have only been together 4 weeks. - Ravneet Vohra, Editor-in-Chief, Wear Your Voice