Go From Work to Party in 60 Seconds

Go From Work to Party in 60 Seconds

It’s that time of year – lots of parties and opportunities to get dressed up. You want to look cute at your holiday work party, but you don’t want to drag an outfit with you on the subway, and changing at the office bathroom isn’t ideal. Here are a few ideas to take a work appropriate dress, swap out accessories and you’ve got a (almost) whole new look for cocktails! Here, we have the Daisy dress from the Harumi K holiday collection. It’s made from a stretch ponte rayon with a quilted skirt  – it’s...

Clothing Hangers 101



Happy new year! I’m guessing that like me, many of you like to start the new year by cleaning out and organizing your closet. While you’re at it, you may want to revisit your hanger situation.

I recently got rid of all of my plastic hangers and replaced them with my favorite all purpose hanger – velvet covered ones. They are essential for Read the article →